Our Story

In 2018, Vinny Sheehan Jr. and McLean Roberts met while working together on a Pro Football HOF effort to help create more awareness around NC State and NFL QB legend Roman Gabriel’s HOF case – a case that HOF voters still need to pay closer attention to. The two passionate N.C. sports fans noticed that even though Gabriel had not taken a snap in 50 plus years, the Wilmington, N.C. native is still beloved by football fans across the globe and grasped that there is no real way for his fans to identify with him anymore. Vinny and McLean also recognized how much of a hot bed that the state of North Carolina is for many of the greatest athletes the sports world has ever seen.

In 2020, Vinny and McLean worked many nights and weekends around their full-time jobs to form Iconic Heroes: a legacy, lifestyle brand that will give sports fans another opportunity to re-identify with their childhood heroes from long ago and a new opportunity to connect with the stars of today – all who have ties to the Old North State - through officially licensed player collections that include premium authentic apparel, limited edition art and rare digital NFT creations.

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